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  • 11 Tips For Halloween Safety Oct. 26th 2016
    It’s just a few days until Halloween, and you’re probably rushing to find the last Pokemon, Size Small in the state and find “the good” candy instead of the jawbreakers….

  • Less Is Always More When Staging Your Home Oct. 26th 2016
    Embrace your inner minimalist when prepping your home for sale. Here’s a room-by-room guide: Declutter. Edit your space. Get organized. You’ve probably heard all sorts of classic advice like this….

  • Business Loans as a Form of Economic Salvation: Helping the Real Estate Industry Oct. 25th 2016
    Without inventory, there is little real estate agents can do. While that point may seem obvious — indeed, it is obvious — there must be greater awareness of this fact,….

  • How to Make Your Home Halloween-Friendly For Kids Oct. 25th 2016
    Most kids will tell you that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. Of course, the truth is that many adults love decorating and getting their homes into the spirit….

  • HOA Move In & Out Policy Oct. 25th 2016
    When residents move in and move out, particularly in common wall homeowner associations, proper planning is called for. Below are elements of a Move In & Move Out Policy which….

  • Multitasking vs ‘A Real Estate Frame of Mind’ Oct. 24th 2016
    It’s not news anymore. We know that multitasking is bad for our brain, our productivity, and our results. Yet, real estate buyers and sellers are asked to jump into a….

  • What Happens To The Buyer’s Reports? Oct. 24th 2016
    It is not uncommon for a real estate purchase transaction to fail because of something that has been uncovered by a third-party investigation undertaken on behalf of the buyer. Depending….


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